Why I'm Glad I "Wasted" My Time

Time is the only thing we can't get back but, what can "wasted time" teach us about how we live our life and view the world?

More than you think, actually.


Short Story Time

I had an appointment rescheduled for today, and I was super EXCITED that things would be getting back to normal from this Corona Virus...

However, I got to my appointment just to find out that they were still closed, and FORGOT to tell me.

So, I had just WASTED an hour of my time driving there, just to be turned away at the door.

But, I am actually HAPPY this happened!

Why? Keep reading.


Time, Our Most Valuable Asset

Time is our most valuable asset. We ALL have 24 hours in the day and, how we spend them is UP TO US.

But, when we want to accomplish something and procrastinate or something/someone holds us up from completing the task when we want to complete it, we feel like that is wasted time.

Similar to regrets. When we regret doing something, we may back and look at that time as wasted.

When I was just starting out on my self-development journey, I felt like all that time I spent in front of the TV was "wasted time" ... But, I soon came to realize what I know NOW:


The Real Value of Wasted Time

Wasted time has a real value to it. It can help us understand some pretty cool things.

And what are those cool things?

It can help us understand where we want to IMPROVE OUR LIVES.

What do I mean by this?

If we REALLY want to stop this feeling that we've WASTED our time, we need to change how we act in certain situations or live our daily life.


I just went to my appointment WITHOUT calling ahead or checking if they were opened.

I just relied on the fact that they didn't call to reschedule again, and drove there HOPING everything was back to normal.

Current Fix:

Calling ahead next time. Checking to make sure that the appointment is still scheduled and operations are running like normal.

Next Level Fix:

Growing my business to the point where I can hire staff, and therefore not have to drive myself to appointments, and hire people to come to me.


How This Can Be Applied to Every Day Life

There are things most of us do daily. I've listed a couple example below, in order of difficulty*

*The tasks may not be difficult but, may require more effort or money to accomplish them

Wasting time watching Netflix/TV or scrolling on social media?

Set time limits. Set timers.

Make these things less accessible.

Figure out why you're doing it, and how it can be seen as a good use of your time

Find more inspiring ways to spend your time by finding your purpose.

Wasting time cooking?

Find things you actually enjoy cooking.

Get take out more frequently.

Pay a meal prep service.

Outsource your cooking needs.

Find inspiring tasks to do while cooking (linked to your purpose)

Hire a chef.

Wasting time driving?

Stack errands to happen on the same day.

Only go to places that are close by or schedule to be in a certain area on a certain day.

Learn why driving is a good use of your time.

Take taxis, ride shares, Uber, Lyft, etc. more often.

Listen to podcasts, audiobooks while driving - that are linked to your purpose.

Hire a driver.


Living an Inspiring Life

When we feel like we are wasting our time or have wasted our time, it tends to just mean that we are doing something we don't feel inspired by, or isn't in line with our purpose/mission in life.

Once we come to understand our purpose in life, we are also able to figure out new ways to look at and do tasks that are less inspiring to us.

If you don't know your purpose, or what inspires you, gives your life meaning and fulfillment, that's okay!

But, if you do want to discover your purpose, take a minute and fill out this form, and we'll happily get you on your way to living a MORE inspiring life!

Love Always,


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